B6BL 31st Conference

Starts Jan 25, 2015

CALL 3402790 or

TEXT 09273551604


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The Architects' Basketball Union is a basketball club for architects. The group plays its games in the CCP Gymnasium at Sta. Mesa every Saturday.
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The Marist Alumni Basketball League brings together Marist School alumni through friendly but competitive games.

All-Around: James Candelaria with 11pts, 7reb, 10ast, 3stl, 0blk. Others: Jeff De Guzman (20pts, 12reb, 8ast, 2stl, 0blk).Franzel Nunez (22pts, 6reb, 8ast, 6stl, 0blk).Jon Blanco (18pts, 16reb, 3ast, 2stl, 2blk).

Rebounds: Jon Blanco with 14. Others: Jon Blanco (16). Vincent Marcelo (16). Jeff Gaw (17).

Assists: Brandon Rustia with 10. Others: Jeff Gaw (10). Paul Co (9). Neil Del Castillo (9).

Steals: Miguel Tuazon with 6. Others: Franzel Nunez (6). Mike Ussher (5). Christian Trance (5).

Blocks: Alby Rodil with 4. Others: Tannie Singh (4). John Mitch Boncan (3). Henry Salazar (3).

3Pt Made: Boom Santos with 5. Others: BJ Chiu (5). Randy Go (5). Harold De Leon (4).